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The Association was forged during the first Yorktown Reunion, held on April 15, 1948. Just five years after the ship’s commissioning, this group of veterans organized a faithful crew once more. Since then, the Association has continued to serve the USS Yorktown, serving as a vital link between her heralded past and bright future.


Boys were taught to be men and men transformed into Heroes aboard the Yorktown. Amidst the harsh realities of war, there are also many humble tales of young sailors finding purpose and developing character during their service. We’re passionate about engaging younger generations with these stories of courage, leadership and strength.


Yorktown sailors can step onto the carrier of their youth and walk the same paths they once frequented. Memories that have fallen out of reach become vivid. Our annual reunion is an opportunity for crew to pass along to friends and family the rich oral history that so often goes unspoken. We also encourage crew to reach out to old mates and re-establish relationships. We want to get to know you better, too!


The Yorktown is now the feature of a fleet of National Historic Landmark ships at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, a natonally renowned historic attraction and education facility located in the Charleston harbor. Hundreds of thousands visit annually, immerse themselves in the life of a sailor and walk away with a more tangible understanding of her history.

Serving Our Members


  • Live Streaming

    Events onboard the USS Yorktown will be available from time to time for live, online streaming. Stay involved from afar and learn about our latest restoration projects, exhibits and educational programming.



    Due to the Coronavirus, the publication of our Summer Sea V Ten will be delayed until later this fall. This full-color printed magazine, will be made available through the website digitally or via mail. Look for further details to be provided here soon. If you would like to submit an article for consideration please click button below.

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    Like us on Facebook and join a Yorktown community of over 4,000. We share historical photographs of the ship and her crews, visits from crew and their families and updates on everything Yorktown.

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    Our Registration to view the 2020 Virtual Reunion video is available here on the website beginning October 1. The showing of the 2020 Virtual Reunion will be here on the website November 1 thru November 15, 24/7 and available for your viewing during this time period at your convenience.

    You must be registered to see the video.

    Just go to the Home Page of the website click on the Virtual Reunion topic shown as a highlighted article and follow the steps provided there.

    Thanks for attending the Virtual Reunion.

    Our next onboard reunion at the Yorktown is currently scheduled for October 14- 17, 2021. We will update you with more details about this reunion sometime in spring timeframe of 2021.


    Currently when you visit the ship behind the scenes tours have been canceled due to Covid 19 restrictions. We look forward to the time when things get back to normal and specialized tours will be offered again. 


    From the tolling of the bell to the last flower cast into the harbor, the Yorktown Memorial honors those fallen with a touching and memorable  service. This year there will be a small scale Memorial Service held as a part of our virtual reunion. More details about this service will be provided soon.

  • Patriots Point Discounts

    While visiting the Ship you will receive a special VIP discounted rate at the Patriots Point Ship’s store when you present your active Association membership ID card.

Ship’s Store


    All active Association members receive a 20% savings on all Ship’s store merchandise purchases and access to additional promotions offered throughout the year, like free shipping.

  • Exclusive Merchandise

    Access exclusive and limited edition Ship’s Store items offered only through the Association. We are the sole retailer of USS Yorktown merchandize specifically designated as CV-10, CV-A or CV-S.

  • Digital Library

    Gain access to the USS Yorktown’s Cruise books and other publications from historical documents to history books. An invaluable resource!

  • Special Offers

    Learn about exclusive Ship Store deals offered to members only during set dates throughout the year! Thought the year you will have access to special discounts and free shipping.