Thank you from Elementary Student

This card was passed on from an elementary student that visited the USS Yorktown earlier this year via the Patriots Point Education Program. During their day of learning students discover what leadership and service to Country means along with STEM concepts their visit is unforgettable and educational. Because of donations and annual membership dues we can help make this impact. … Read More

500 Navy Sailors Volunteer Aboard the Yorktown

On November 13th, 500 Sailors from the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command at Joint Base Charleston volunteered at Patriots Point as part of the Trident United Way’s Day of Caring. The sailors worked on all three of Patriots Points Warships and met up to take a picture on the Yorktown. Were sure it was an experience that these young sailors … Read More

2015 USS Yorktown Reunion Recap

This year the USS Yorktown’s 67th Annual Reunion was spent under a constant downpour. Hurricane Joaquin was partially responsible for the record breaking downfall and flooding that hit South Carolina the weekend of the Reunion. We were happy to see everyone maintained a positive and supportive attitude during the soggy chaos. In fact, a CVS-10 sailor was over heard exclaiming, “we … Read More

USS Yorktown CVA-10 in the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis

  Two years after the Formosa Resolution was passed to ease tensions between communist China and Taiwan, Chinese communist leader Mao once again began movements to “liberate” Taiwan under the guise of “socialist transformation” of Chinese society, also known as the Great Leap Forward. Tensions reached a breaking point when Mao renewed bombings of Quemoy Island, an offshore island of … Read More

Twins Meet WWII Yorktown Veteran

Twin 10 year-old boys Carter and Jack had their dreams came true aboard the Yorktown. It all started with interest in history, specifically Naval warfare, spurred by the game Battleship. During a previous trip from their Raleigh home to the ship, they were put in contact with WWII Vet, Mr. Robert Harding. The boys began emailing and a friendship was forged. This spring, the boys came back … Read More

Search and Rescue

  It was June of 1960, and the USS Yorktown CVS-10 was in route to Manila to provide support to President Eisenhower’s Far Eastern Goodwill Tour. An uneventful day at sea was suddenly interrupted when the Yorktown was ordered to stray from her course and provide aid to a British freighter, the SS Shun Lee. The freighter was stranded and … Read More

USS Yorktown helps sink the Battleship Yamato

  It was 1945 and the war was coming to an end. The USS Yorktown CV-10 and other carriers of her task group had begun to concentrate solely on the island of Okinawa and its surroundings. She pounded the island with “soften-up strikes” and sent planes to the island to provide direct support for troops operating ashore. She returned to the … Read More

USS Yorktown hit by Japanese Bomb off Kyūshū

  On March 14th 1945, the USS Yorktown CV-10 departed to begin preliminary work for operations in Okinawa, scheduled for the first of April. She began launching airstrikes on Kyūshū, Honshū, and Shikoku upon her arrival on March 18th. The Task Group came under air attack shortly after the operations began. Around 8:00am a twin engine bomber, most likely a Yokosuka P1Y “Frances,” … Read More