Let’s join Art Leach to Celebrate his 100th Birthday on May 1, 2020

Attention All Hands: Be a part of celebrating Art Leach’s 100th birthday on May 1. Art loves to receive snail mail so send him a Birthday card addressed to:

Art Leach
308 East Elk Street
Odell, Illinois  60460

Ed Sarkasian Jr. recently told a Fox news affiliate “A very special friend of mine turns “100 years young” on May 1st.  Art Leach, is a Navy Veteran who served in Pacific operations flying with the Air-Group Three from the USS Yorktown CV-10 during WWII.

He still drives, does Skype History presentations for schools and organizations and has a sharp wit and lots of incredible stories.  For now he has stopped these activities and is sheltering in place that is very restricted due to Covid. ”

A birthday commemoration onboard the Yorktown during a ship reunion in
October is questionable at this time. So let’s do it up right on May 1st and let
Art know how much we all love him. Send him a snail mail birthday card.