Meet our Shipboard Office Staff

Since the March/April timeframe of this year we have been blessed to have the support that Carlsen Huey, our Accountant and Bookkeeper, has provided to help with keeping our Shipboard Office up and running after the departure of Todd Cummins, our past Executive Director. Carlsen took on many additional administration functions in addition to the bookkeeping service he has provided to the Association for the past seven years.

In June Jen Barbot joined Carlsen in our Shipboard Office and she has been covering the office Monday through Friday, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm EDT. In addition, Jen covers the phone. You can reach her at the Shipboard Office phone number 843-849-8156. If she’s unable to take the call, please leave a message and she’ll return your call.

Jen is a recent graduate of the Citadel and will be with us until November 1, when she will be moving away from the Charleston area.

Give Carlsen and Jen a call. They would love to hear from you!