Apollo 8 Recovered by Yorktown

It was December 27th, 1968 when Apollo reentered the pull of earth’s atmosphere and Yorktown recovered Apollo 8. A Yorktown Sea King from HS-4 recovered Astronauts, Navy Capt. James Lovell, Air Force Col. Frank Borgman and Air Force Major William Anders. after Frogman from UDT-12 assisted them from the space capsule.

The Yorktown proved to be a skillful and integral part of the mission that day. It was an expertly executed accomplishment and a great time for America, the Apollo program and the Yorktown as for the first time the human race escaped earth’s gravity.

Thanks to our Patriots Point partners and those willing to participate in the oral history program we have Yorktown Flight Surgeon George Wagoner telling his story of that day. In his words…

To further capture the spirt the event please enjoy a national live broadcast recorded in part from the flight deck.

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