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We are striving to create a digital library full of the lives and legacy’s of the USS Yorktown Crewmember’s. Ensuring that our history lives on, starts with memorializing and honoring the lives of those who have served. 


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It is an honor and privilege to be a part of ensuring the legacy of our USS Yorktown American Heroes.

On February 16, 1944 the planes of the Yorktown were involved in the battle of Truk Island. Smokey was ready but the night before he commented to his wingman,
"they'll never take me alive."

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LT. Elisha T. Stover’s Bio

The last ship he commanded as captain that held a special place in his heart - USS Yorktown (CV-10). He joined her at commissioning and proved to be a tenacious, competitive and inspiring leader.

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Capt. Joseph James Clark’s bio

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