247th Navy Birthday Celebration on USS Yorktown

Navy Birthday

US Navy personnel all over the world will mark the 247th birthday of the US Navy at 9:00 am (wherever they are). They will ring a bell nine times – 8 to signal the end of the watch and the 9th to represent the start of a new watch. The “watches” in this case are the past and present years in the timeline of US Naval history.

The central theme of this year’s 247th Birthday and Heritage Week will be “On Watch – 24/7 for 247 Years”, which highlights our Navy’s enduring ability to remain fully-ready to respond to and effectively deter emanating threats. Beginning with the establishment of our Navy in 1775 and continuing to our current modern fleet, our Navy has stood the watch. We continue to deploy forward as our nation’s vital maritime maneuver force; persistent, versatile, and capable of winning any fight and ready for the challenges of an unpredictable future.

We will be marking this 247th birthday on the USS Yorktown by ringing a bell at 9:00 am EST.