Sharing Yorktown History on Veterans Day

Joe Zaccaro hands out baseball cards, navy pins and stickers to a second grade class on Veterans Day, 2021

On Veterans’ Day, crewmember Joe Zaccaro (OE Division, 1964-1966) visited with his daughter, Laura’s, second grade students at a New Jersey elementary school to speak about his service on the ‘Fighting Lady.’ The students had lots of questions for him. “Besides the size of the ship and how many people on board and were any of them women,” Zaccoro said, “[they] wanted to know if I had my own bedroom and the different countries I visited.” 

Zaccaro also handed out souvenirs from the Yorktown Association to the excited and inquisitive students. “The goodies went over famously.” He said, “My daughter received great reactions from the class the next day. [They] hoped I would come back again.”

With the help of crewmembers like Joe Zaccaro, the Yorktown Association carries on its mission to ‘Remember. Connect. Inspire. Educate.’  “I think [visits from veterans] should be done more often,” Zaccaro said, “as it is a taste of history for them not only in books.”