He Prayed for Us

We Honor Him

Above is a framed letter sent to the Syfrett family on the occasion of Rev, Harold’s Memorial Service. Below is a copy of the letter. You can also see his obituary in our In Memoriam section of the website.

Dear Reverend Harold Syfrett’s family,

Rev. Harold in the Rev. Harold Syfrett Chapel aboard the USS Yorktown  

As our Association Chaplain for more than four decades Rev. Harold touched so many of our hearts. From his days as a young Yorktown sailor, Rev. Harold’s calling was to become a dedicated servant of the Lord. He joyfully gave his life to leading souls to God through the power of prayer. Rev. Harold did this for us thousands of times aboard the Fighting Lady. He would step to the podium, arrange his notes and  – “He Prayed For Us.”

To the Syfrett family, God bless you and thank you for sharing this kind, gentle and beautiful man with us,

Chairman and CEO/USS Yorktown CV10 Association, Inc.