USS Yorktown (CV-10) History Quiz Contest

Are you knowledgeable about the history of our ship? Would like to know more about her history?

Check out the USS Yorktown timeline in this link, then take the short quiz below. Those who complete the quiz and tie for getting the most answers right will be entered in a drawing for a $50 Visa gift card! (This contest is open only to Patriots Point employees, volunteers and Bulldog Tours docents who work on the ship.)

Correct answers will be revealed at the close of the contest on Friday, January 20th. But you know you’ve got this!

Good luck!

  • What was the original name of the USS Yorktown (CV-10)?
  • What Academy Award-winning documentary was the Yorktown featured in during World War II?
  • In the Battle of the Philippine Sea, pilots came back at night and were running out of fuel. The fleet turned on all the lights to help them land on the carriers, which put them at risk of being targeted by Japanese submarines. What were the dates of this famous battle?
  • The USS Yorktown was struck by a bomb that was dropped by a "Judy" (Japanese D4Y airplane) on March 18, 1945 while conducting air strikes on this island...
  • At the end of the war, Yorktown pilots dropped food and medical supplies to POW camps. In one of these camps a Yorktown pilot from Torpedo Squadron 5, who'd been captured in 1943, had climbed on the roof of the camp and spelled out his name, squadron and "Yorktown" to let them know he was there. Who was he?
  • When the USS Yorktown (CV-10) was christened in January 1943, her sponsor was a famous woman who had also sponsored USS Yorktown (CV-5). Who was she?
  • The USS Yorktown was commissioned twice in her lifetime - first because of World War II, second because of this war:
  • In 1962, USS Yorktown participated in the last atmospheric test of nuclear weapons by the United States. What was the name of this test?
  • In February 1965, USS Yorktown (CVS-10) conducted 30 days of continuous air raids on North Vietnam. During this time pilots accumulated over 4,000 combined flight hours, 2,441 landings and (not coincidentally) 309,936 cups of coffee were consumed on the ship. What was the name of this operation?
  • USS Yorktown has been featured several times on film and television. In November 1968, she and her crew played the part of a Japanese aircraft carrier in what movie?
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