Apollo 8 Recovered by Yorktown

It was December 27th, 1968 when Apollo reentered the pull of earth’s atmosphere and Yorktown recovered Apollo 8. A Yorktown Sea King from HS-4 recovered Astronauts, Navy Capt. James Lovell, Air Force Col. Frank Borgman and Air Force Major William Anders. after Frogman from UDT-12 assisted them from the space capsule. The Yorktown proved to be a skillful and integral …

Hull damage from the Japanese bomb

In Their Words, WW II Crewmember, Edward Joyeusaz

In the latest installment of “In Their Words”, Edward Joyeusaz Seaman 1st class from S Division and ¬†World War II Crew member from the Yorktown tells his story about when a bomb hit the “Lucky Lady”. In his words.

Yorktown Band WWII

In Their Words, The Fighting Lady March by Ray Huston

We hope that you enjoy the Fighting Lady March as written by our very own WW II band crew member MU2 Ray Huston. The Video tells the story of the Yorktown during WWII and demonstrates Ray’s passion for the “Fighting Lady”.     A special thanks goes to the Winthrop ¬†University Band for recording the piece and Patriots Point staff …