He Prayed for Us

We Honor Him Above is a framed letter sent to the Syfrett family on the occasion of Rev, Harold’s Memorial Service. Below is a copy of the letter. You can also see his obituary in our In Memoriam section of the website. Dear Reverend Harold Syfrett’s family, Rev. Harold in the Rev. Harold Syfrett Chapel aboard the USS Yorktown   … Read More

Let’s join Art Leach to Celebrate his 100th Birthday on May 1, 2020

Attention All Hands: Be a part of celebrating Art Leach’s 100th birthday on May 1. Art loves to receive snail mail so send him a Birthday card addressed to: Art Leach 308 East Elk Street Odell, Illinois  60460 Ed Sarkasian Jr. recently told a Fox news affiliate “A very special friend of mine turns “100 years young” on May 1st.  … Read More

Magic Carpet II

Every old sailor is familiar with the “Magic Carpet” business at the end of World War II when personnel were ferried back to the States from both Europe and the Pacific. As early as 1943, the Pentagon began contingency planning for returning millions of personnel from overseas whenever victory was won. It was an enormous task, sardonically cited by cartoonist … Read More

Lake Michigan A Naval Aviation Gold Mine

On December 7, 1941–a day that will live in infamy–the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.    The attack which  began at 7:55 Hawaii time (12:55 EST) lasted less than two hours. The assault claimed the lives of more than 2,400, wounded  1,000 more and damaged or … Read More

Legacy Children

Legacy Children – by Mary Branning Why do my siblings and I continue to support the Association and attend the Annual Yorktown Reunions?  I could sum it up in two words – My Dad.  But that wouldn’t make for much of an article. My Dad, TMV/2 Ed Branning, only served on the Yorktown from 1943-1945, fighting in the Pacific during … Read More